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Assigning Functions to Buttons

(Phedias Demou) #1


I am using ArduSub and currently trying to assign functions to my Logitech Controller. I managed to connect it to the QGroundControl and calibrate it. However, I am finding trouble in assigning the functions to the buttons. In the documentation it specifies different list of functions that can be assigned to the buttons but in the parameter tab “BTN1_FUNCTION” can only accept numbers. Probably there is something I missed. Can you please make a bit clearer how I can assign these functions?

Thanks for your help! It is really appreciated!


Phedias Demou

(Rusty) #2

Hi Phedias,

I would guess that you’re using an older version of QGroundControl and it doesn’t know the button functions yet. I would recommend trying with the most recent daily build available here: http://qgroundcontrol.org/downloads


(Phedias Demou) #3

Got it! Thanks again!