Arming the Vehicle


When I connect Pixhawk from the USB port of my computer ROV I can arm the vehicle. But the case is when I connect Pixhawk to RPI and communicate through CAT 6 ethernet cable, I can’t arm the vehicle. In this case, what should I do? This is the error that I face:

Hi @cagan,

  1. What software are you running on your Raspberry Pi?
  2. Was the connection with QGroundControl made over the RPi connection, or was it connected directly to the Pixhawk first, before the Pixhawk was moved over to the RPi (i.e. is the topside computer actually connected to the Pixhawk)?

Firstly, Ardusub Companion Computer Software is running on Raspberry Pi.
When the computer and pixhawk are directly connected the system works but when it made over an RPI connection it doesn’t work.

Our troubleshooting steps may be helpful with resolving this, both to confirm the topside network configuration and check if anything is going wrong in the software on the onboard RPi.

Ok. It should work, but be aware that Companion is no longer being developed or maintained - you may wish to use BlueOS instead.