Arduino – Peripheral Equipment Control System - APECS

A few years back, I had an idea of making a piggyback control software/system in order to control motors, lights and relays. Back then the Pixhawk was a limiting factor and the new Navigator is capable of performing most of the functions that I missed back then. However, even with the Navigator, there is a backside to it. The available buttons on your controller and the use of the shift button to assign the same button for different operation may become a struggle as remembering it all the time isn’t always easy. The Arduino system/software has a GUI that can be displaced in a separate window or screen. I never come around to use it and it is just sitting on the “shelve”
If anyone want to download the program/files and the specification that was made to specify the system please follow the link.
But please! If you use it, change it or further develop it, then share it back on the forum, and if you tag me, I can upload the new revision on the server using the same link. Also please include a short note on what you have changed. I am very interested to hear from anyone if they try it out :blush:

Download link below.

Hi @SDI, thanks for sharing this - it seems like it could be useful for some people :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if you’re interested in doing further development on this, but you might want to consider making an interface for this that’s accessible in Cockpit, either as a dedicated widget[1] that Cockpit can make use of, or as a web interface that Cockpit can display via its iframe widget[2].

  1. This would likely work best as an add-on, rather than being built into Cockpit itself, which is planned but not yet possible. ↩︎

  2. This could either be from a server hosted by your existing software, running on the control station computer, or could be built into a BlueOS extension ↩︎

I only made the specifications and I don’t have anye knowledge about programming. Hopefully someone will🙂

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