Anyone with experience with cable length when replacing potted penetrator with wetlink penetrator?


We want to replace the potted penetrators with the new WetLink Penetrators for the lights and thrusters on the BlueROV2, and our main concern is that some of the cables might be too short after cutting before the old potted penetrator. Can someone share some experience with this replacement? Has anyone tried a potted splice with the cables? or would it be better to make the splice inside the enclosure?

Any inputs on this replacement would be much appreciated,


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Hi @DeepCoTech,

A process like this one may help to save most of the cable length.

I’m unsure how much of an effect the heat would have on the cable jacket, so I’d still err on the side of installing the new penetrator further up than where the old one was :slight_smile:

There are some other posts around the forum on potted splicing that you can search for, although I expect the effort and resources required are difficult to justify over attempting to remove the original penetrator and putting a new one on the cable.

Keeping a splice on the inside of the enclosure would be simpler and less failure prone than an external one (since you don’t need to focus on waterproofing). It would still require some additional wire and heat shrink though, and may make cable management a bit trickier inside the enclosure.


Just one awesome thing … 3M 82-F1 Scotchcast Flexible Splice. You can make your own little mold but these things work great. If you have to hot dog a cable in a free flood zone … this is the ticket out of Hades. We use these all the time for testing cables at pressures up to and over 1000 psi.

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since the individual wire are generally not potted on the threaded side of the penetrator, you can cut the cable jacket right after the potted part. ( be careful not to cut wires insulation ! )
Then, just pull on the cable ! :smiley:


Thanks @EliotBR, this is very helpful

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Hi @luc-rossi, I saw you posted the video for pulling out the potted part using heat, very cool! Thank you for sharing


We upgraded three of our BROVs from potted to WetLink, and solved all of our leaking issues.

We just (CAREFULLY) stripped the jacket 1/2" before the potted penetrator, gave it a little heat to soften the potting around the conductor insulation (in the threaded side of the penetrator), and pulled the old penetrator and 3/4" of jacket still in the potting off as a unit.

Same idea as in the method above, but creating a cut line with an X-Acto in the jacket before the potting allows the whole mess to be pulled off. Heat never gets near the jacket…

In total, we may have lost around 3/4 to 1" on the outside of the housing, gained that inside.