....Another Robot that will modified and be controlled by Blue Robotics Software/Hardware 👊

…just got This Beauty of aDemolition Robot… Will be modified for Deep sea work. All Oil compensated, and Possible to add boyancy/trusters to be able to fly and do its wonder job. Cuts 450mm, Concrete orSteel, Dredger vill be added andAll tools needed!.. The possibillities are coming out!.. :muscle::skull_and_crossbones:… Will be one of a kind and never done AS far AS i know​:crossed_fingers:…any knowledge in here and tips are welcome​:ok_hand:


Wow, Christian, you have quite the project ahead of you! This thing is a beast- looking forward to seeing what you turn it into!

Tnx , Yea IT Is!!;)…well have been working with mini exacavators with Dredger Subsea… wasnt Sooo much to change;)…Most of EL is topside, IT GOT a tether allready so I will just swap It to a thicker dim., and solenoid valves for the hydraulic, and oilcompensate the rest,:wink: …will try to make the compensators myself, have a Good company to make, andKystdesign is a Good solution;)…but will be some time until i start mounting!.. but i will update here;)…GOT to have work in sight, but there is a Lot of Subsea options there;) …Decomissioning, Mining, dredging and rock removal and so On;) …and a Few of my Loke MkIi will do the trick;)