Alternative O-Ring Flange Materials


I am working to marinize a metal detector. It would greatly help our situation to replace the aluminum o-ring flanges with a plastic alternative? Has anyone tried to replace these with a machined plastic alternative such as Delrin, Nylon or PVC? Does anyone know if this is possible? Thank you.


My first question would be what depth are you trying to achieve? Not a fan of aluminum for anything O-ring related because it will powder on you and your surface finish will become non-compliant over time. I would suggest Delrin because I have actual connectors with O-ring races in that material type that are designed for subsea use.

You have to keep your surface finish around 32 … and it is possible with plastics. If you have the parts molded, then please be away of where your part lines are.


As of now, we are looking at maximum depths of 100ft at the moment. Thanks for the info as we are a small group of electrical engineers with little underwater experience.

No problem at all. I deal with all types of subsea cables and electronic/fiber enclosures.