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Algorithm for sensorless motor control

Does anyone know what method/algorithm is used for the brushless motor commutation? Is it at all similar to the application notes at Microchip (AN1160, AN1305) ?

Is there a link to the earlier open source versions that I can look at? I’m looking at this for an industrial application.


There are a lot of different ways to startup + commutate brushless motors.

There are also a lot of open source implementations.

You can check here (and the list of other open-source firmwares at the bottom of the page).

Yes, there are a lot of bad ways and very few good ways. I’m looking for a good way to achieve low jitter (<5 us p-p) with a small inertia at a 1800 rpm. I have a method I plan to implement but was interested in what the BLHeli did because I was able to get much lower jitter (2x) on that design than with several Microchip or TI single-chip solutions.


You mean that you want to get a very precise and constant 1800rpm?

BlHeli is open source, in assembly. You might want to ask at discourse.openesc.com, there are some users there who are intimately familiar with how BlHeli works.