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Using Another ESC

Do you recommend using esc different from yours? I’ve read a few topics about it and guess it’s a little bit problematic.

Hi @Sena,

The Basic ESC R3 has proven very reliable in our experience, what topics or issues are you referring to?

You can use any brushless sensorless ESC rated for at least ~25 A constant with our thrusters.


Hey @adam does your Basic ESC R3 still use the SimonK opensource firmware or is it something proprietary? Do you opensource your firmware?


Hi @hube268,

The Basic ESC R3 used the open source BlHeli_S firmware. There is more information in the product description and technical details.The SimonK firmware was used on the R1 and R2 Basic ESCs.


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@adam Thanks! Sorry, I didn’t realize it said it right in the description. Can I ask why you changed from SimonK to BIHeli_S?

Its just what the ESC comes loaded with from the supplier. We changed ESC suppliers for mostly for supply reliability reasons, and the more modern ESC comes with a more modern firmware.