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Advice on a 3D Printer

(Todd Sparkes) #1

Hey Guys,
For those of you that have 3D printers what brand and model do you recommend?
I am interested in buying a small 3D printer but I have no clue what to look for as in specs.
Any advice would be appreciated.
FYI - I am not looking to spend thousands of dollars.


(Jacob) #2

I’ve heard a lot of good things about the creality ender printer, it seems to check all the right boxes for an entry level printer and beyond.

(Willian Galvani) #3

I’ve also heard very good feedback specially of Creality Ender 3, and you can find it for lower than $200.

(Marcus) #4

We use a knockoff of the Prusa i3 (which I think the Creality Ender is as well?) branded as Wanhao Duplicator i3 . We use it to mock up prototype parts. Straight out off the box it was awesome, very accurate (only used PLA so far). The nice thing about these printers is that there is a large DIY community with a whole bunch of tutorials for upgrades, which apparently make for a very capable printer, even when printing in ABS.

(Todd Sparkes) #5

Thanks guys

(Joe) #6

We have used a WanHao i5, a FlashForge, and now a Creality Ender. There is no doubt that the Creality is the best bang for the buck with output that equals or exceeds those more expensive machines. For most real projects, you’ll want to use ABS, since PLA melts in the sun, but PLA is good for fast prototyping. ABS will require building a surround to keep the printing area warm. Cardboard works fine.

(Todd Sparkes) #7

Thanks Joe. I appreciate the advice.
Which model of Creality do you use or can you recommend?
There is the Ender, CR-10, CR-20. I don’t see a lot of difference in either one.