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3D printing services

(Todd Sparkes) #1

Hello All,
I see a lot of people here showing 3d printed items. Does anybody provide 3D printing services? I have the 3D files on hand.

(Tim Pierce) #2

I’ve been known to print things occasionally for people depending on size and complexity. If you want to send me a link to the files and your general location, i can give you a cost estimate.

(Harold Scadden) #3

Checkout http://www.protolabs.com
This company does a lot of printing for our sister companies and they can do FDM, SL and LS style printing.

You can upload your files since you already have something and obtain a quote. I have not used them myself; however, I have talked with them about possible future projects etc. I work for L3 Technologies and we are not exactly a small company so we tend to go with better level services etc. Since I haven’t obtained a quote, I don’t know what your budget is like and can’t even comment on that.

There turn around is supposed to be average of three days. I was discussing having items machined too, but they can’t hold the tolerance requirements of parts I need. I was looking for some parts for high density subsea fiber optic connectors I deal with.

Quoting is free, so nothing lost.

(Todd Sparkes) #4

Thanks Harold. I requested a quote. Tim here is the link. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:218230

(Rusty) #5


We’ve often used Sculpteo and Shapeways for SLS 3D printing. Their prices are usually much more competitive than Proto Labs and others.


(Spally) #6

Guys, consider 3D Hubs. You can find people local to you and get great results and turnaround times. You also get multiple prices from different hubs. I started this way. Eventually I got to chatting with the guy I was using and got good advice regarding printing. Now I own 2 Printers and have my own hub. It’s a community. I am not going to say that every hub is great, that’s why there are ratings on the website. Also, not every commercial service will give you great service and results either…