Adding brushless motor for accesories

Hi, as of now I have it connected in servo10_function and im able to give the motor commands. My problem is that the motor wont spin and only makes some noise.

Hi @UnbannedCat, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

You haven’t provided much information here, so it’s hard to give you meaningful suggestions.

What kind of motor and speed controller are you using, and what signals are you trying to send? ESCs generally require a few seconds of “neutral”/stopped signal before they arm themselves and allow spinning the motor, so that they don’t start spinning unexpectedly when first powered up.

Eliot, Vetle and myself is working together on a new build. We have configured the ROV as a heavy config. In addition to the eight thrusters we are looking to add an extra motor with a brush. The motor works just fine if we connect it to one of the eight thruster ports, It then behaves like a you would expect of a thruster. But how do we connect it so that we can control direction and speed independently ? Which aux port do you recommend and what type of signal should we choose, i.e servo inc / servo dec ?

Hi @EliotBR, ive tried to connect the motor with a Basic ESC wich only makes the thruster twitch, same thing will happen with a BLheli32. I had a old ESC that for some reason fuctioned perfectly with every fuction - Servo_2_inc and servo_2_center and 1500 PWM. What is required to use the Basic ESC and why is this not working? Of what I have read, it is just plug and play.

Hi @UnbannedCat -
With the motor disconnected from the ESC, please check with a multimeter the resistance between each of the three wires (3 combinations.) This should read a very low resistance - if one pair shows significant resistance or no connection, the motor wiring is damaged internally…
Otherwise, perhaps one of your motor wire connections is loose?

Hey, the problem lies in the esc, I know for a fact that the motor im using is working, and ive done the testing with a t200 thruster and testes it via an basic 500 wich also workes. As mentioned above, i used a old ESC and it worked fine, but since im making several of this build, it wont work in the long run.

I think the power supply provides enough voltage and current for the motor. May you can check all connections to the motor and the controller. Loose or incorrect wiring can cause the motor to fail.