Adafruit Arduino Metro Mini question

@ Rusty-can I have USB connected (for debugging) at the same time I have 12V power to the Vin pin without conflict? I am worried that the incoming USB 5 volts will conflict with the 5 volts produced by the Vin regulator. I want to be able to run debugging with everything hooked up in the WTE.



p.s. I asked on the Adafruit site but no answer yet and I want to get on with getting ready for Sunday.

Richard, the schematic shows a power selection circuit that automatically chooses between USB and the input. I think you should be fine to have both attached.


Thanks, Rusty. I’m really glad I shifted from Basic stamp to Arduino. The Metro Mini packs a lot of punch in a small package. I really like the Arduino C libraries. Plus, I am finding C as easy as basic.