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Across the Atlantic ocean and back


Hi All,
This has been done before. I wish to take it step forward.
I want to build a boat with solar panel that can cross and return.
Main components:
Foam surfboard
Arduino controller
Flexible solar panels
4 brushless engines
Internet modem
Weather sensors
The boat should use 2 motors to go and 2 motors to return.
Also, use the sensors to operate the motors in good conditions.
I wish to add a way to take pictures during the journey, so I was thinking of attaching drone that can release each day to take a picture, seem more complex.
I hope you can give me suggestions/feedback on components or the whole idea

(Kevin) #2

Hi @don1559 Myself and @anthony-white had a thread a few years back you may wish to browse through for ideas: SolarSurfer Continuation Project

The good news is that all the components are out in the world to make crossing oceans autonomously a viable goal, it just takes someone to put it all together.