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Acoustically Transparent Material

(richard) #1

Hi all, I am currently doing a scientific project that involves passing ultrasound through a thin layer, the problem is ultrasound tends to either degrade or the layer degrades the ultrasound. So I got to thinking what material do they use for the detection of soner in submarines? It must be acoustically transparent, then I found this forum!

So basically I was wondering what you guys would use for an acoustically transparent material, or even better what they use on submarine, or maybe suggest a company that I could ask that works with these things?

This is my experiments basic design:


(Harold Scadden) #2

Richard, first your picture didn’t come through so I am posting it again as an attachment.

My first real question would be what is the purposes? Are you trying to use ultrasonic waves to agitate the chemical suspended in the water container? If so, the “container” that has the chemicals should vibrate if any sound of high enough pressure level is transmitted into the water. Can you detail more of what you are trying to do.