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Customize Ping Sonar for 6580ft

Hi, I would like to customize Ping Sonar for high depth around 6580ft. I’m planning to integrate the instrument in a special High-Pressure enclosure compatible with a pressure around 200bars but in the upper part of the instrument, there is the moving scanning antenna and i don’t know what is the maximum thickness of Aluminium for a good microwaves transmission? if everyone has idea?
thanks for your help,

I would like to customize Ping Sonar

The Ping Sonar emits high frequency sound (ultrasonic) waves. These waves will reflect off of any reasonable thickness of aluminum rather than penetrate through. So if you’re thinking of putting the Ping Sonar inside of another aluminum enclosure, it really won’t work.

Hi Larry,

Thanks four your reply, but if i understand very well that high frequency waves will reflect off by Aluminium, i suppose that the upper part of the Ping Sonar is not compatible directly with pressure around 200bars!! so i have to protect this sensor part again pressure constraints but in the same time enable high frequency waves transmission? that’s my problem!!

Not sure what’s inside but if there’s only solid-state components maybe fill is with oil and add a compensator?

Oil conpensate and/ or epoxy mix;)