5V 6A Power Supply Schematics and Components layout

I am new to creating my PCB using kicad and was wondering if it would be possible for you to share the schematics and component layout of your 5V 6A power supply. It would be great if you could share the PCB files themselves.

Thanks a lot

Hi @cerealkiller2527,

Our 5V 6A Power Supply is an off the shelf product that isn’t our design, so we don’t have the schematic and PCB layout files for it, and accordingly can’t share them.

Out of interest, why are you after those files in particular? If you’re wanting to connect to it in your own design you should be able to just represent it as a ‘black box’ component in your schematic, where you specify the inputs and outputs. :slight_smile:

Been a while but I have used Kicad in the past. Just make a custom component for the two plugs and if you require the terminal lugs if they are connected on your board. On the plug connectors, just make sure you have the polarity correct etc. and that interfaced with the rest of your circuit appropriately.

As for the power supply itself … well if you own one you can always remove the heat shrink and see what is on the board. I would assume that it is double layer at the most and the original fabricator didn’t remove the component markings etc. Just recreate the schematic and incorporate it if your intent is to have it build into your PCB.