3d printed boat

We just printed our latest boat, we have made 110cm, 130cm and 150cm. Material is PP+30%FG. In pic the 110cm version.
It can use T200 and T500 motors.


Would love to see some more pics.

Can teke a better look here:

OMG thats awesome huge 3d printer guy, what machine did you use to print such large parts, or you have the best joints i have ever seen as the top and bottom each look like sold bodies.

Orange one was finished with gelcoat, white one is as it comes fom the printer.

Hi @Highfreq71, welcome to the forum.

Thanks for sharing this, it’s always cool to see different use-cases for our products, and this one looks great! :smiley:

I also love how the 3D configurator on your website shifts the camera view around for the best view as you show and hide components. I think it could be even easier to use if the show/hide dropdowns were converted to checkboxes that can be clicked once to toggle between shown/hidden. :slight_smile:

It would also be cool to see the length* of the model update depending on which one is selected, although I imagine that’s a bit complex to set up to work well.

*Note: the length selector is currently labelled with a spelling mistake (“lenght”).

Thank you for your feedback, we are still fixing the site. Glad you like the boat.

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A small video of the final test with customer. Sensor mounted is a wassp.

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