3D cad models (.step?) for locking enclosures

Hi @EliotBR and all!
Rather than ask privately, I thought I’d see if you guys could share .step models for your new line of enclosures. I’m specifically after the AL 4" x 200mm, but I’m sure others may want different sizes? Being able to throw the tube and endcap into models is helpful when planning projects - and these models were available for the last-generation enclosure parts.


Hi @anthony-white,

Those models should already be available on the product pages for the tubes and end caps (in the Technical Details sections). I haven’t yet got around to adding them to the Technical Reference, but they should also be available there some time soon :slight_smile:

We seem to be having some website issues right now, so while those are being sorted out here are the links for the relevant 4" components:

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