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3'' Enclosure electronics and battery

This is a new 3Dprinted design I made for the 3’’ enclosure. It contains an arduino nano (a perforated board), raspberry zero, a powerline interface for controlling the rov at long distances and on the bottom 3 18650 Li-Io batteryes connected in series giving it 2.5Ah. This should give the ROV 30min to 1h of dive time.

Just made a new order to BlueRobotics since it seems I will have more than 4 cables going out from the enclosure.

5838E09B-EA29-4D06-B124-46D14F4A6587 29174551-7E69-435F-B424-0B66CC71EEE8 IMG_5661


I love this design. One problem I ran into with the single enclosure design was having to open up the enclosure often to charge and change out batteries. In doing that, it became more difficult to keep the integrity of the watertight seal.

Are you planning on a method of charging the batteries without having to open the enclosure?

Thank you

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One method could be have two wires come out from the enclosure that allow it for connecting a charger. The BMS must be inside the enclosure so to use less cables.