200m Tether, Custom Surface Control Unit for sale

I’ve accumulated too much and need to start making space.

200 meter Blue Robotics tether with topside connector and pigtail (unused), $800 plus shipping

ROVsim Surface Control Unit Mark 4 (small joystick version, unused), $450 plus shipping

Tether is now on eBay with a starting bid of $450 (plus shipping):

Somebody’s going to get an awesome deal! :slight_smile:

And the Surface Control Unit with a starting bid of only $275 (plus shipping). That’s less than the cost of the components!

What connector does this come with?

On one end of the tether is potted in a Blue Robotics penetrator. The other end is terminated in a water / splash proof 6 pin connector. A mating connector with pigtail is included.