1st North Pole dive

we have recently deployed our small modified Bluerobotics miniROV ‘Remora’ on the Arctic expedition PS138 on the research vessel Polarstern at the North Pole at a depth of 4223m.


:+1: Thanks for the link. 4223m is impressive.
Which components were from Bluerobotics ?
Do you have more pictures of ‘Remora’ ?

Nice pictures. No video?

Well, I took most of the parts from Bluerobotics:

Lights (circuit board removed and installed in main housing).
Newton gripper (circuit board removed and filled with Fluorinert™ Electronic Liquid FC-40).
Bluerobotics main electronics (installed in a VITROVEX glass sphere - 6000m rated).

Not from Bluerobotics:

Frame (self-built)
foam (6000m rated)
altimeter (Tritech PA500, 6000m approved)


@Ulli This is incredible! I’ve been reading more about the Polarstern mission this year and it’s pretty incredible. Well done and thank you for using so many Blue Robotics components.

I’m curious what’s at the bottom of the ROV. It looks like there is a thruster with the propeller removed mounted to a fixture. What’s that?


Also, how are all the cable penetrations passed into the sphere?

@Rusty Thank you for liking our stuff.
Under the rov you can see a self constructed gripper. On some dives I used the Bluerobotics newton gripper and on other dives I used my own construction.


The borehole specifications must be specified when ordering the sphere.

That’s an impressive design.
Stainless steel gears for the gearbox mechanism ?
Do you use a custom esc to drive the thruster ?

@Ulli Wow! That’s very cool. I like it.