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Heading & Depth data to surface?

(Jacob) #21

I’m sorry, this module is only available in our fork, not the mainline code. This means that it is not packaged with that release executable based off the mainline code. We can try to get it or something like it in the next release.

@vatsal_shah Did you install mavproxy from source or using the executable? It will only work right now if you install from source using our fork.

(Vatsal Shah) #22

@jwalser I have installed it from the source.

(Jacob) #23

@vatsal_shah Repeat the same procedure, but use the Blue Robotics fork.

(Julian Hancock) #24


I would like to extract temperature and depth to CSV so I can make a water column sound velocity profile. Would you be so kind as to shoot a few pointers on how this can be achieved please.


(Patrick José Pereira) #25

If you want to get the data after the dive, you can use the same command line but changing the message GPW_RAW_INT to GLOBAL_POSITION_INT for depth.

(Vatsal Shah) #26

I want to get sensor data from pixhawk (IMU, Pressure sensor) on Rpi. How can I do that? Do I need to make Rpi a UDP host or skip that and store sensor data in variables?

(Patrick José Pereira) #27

If you want to get the data from your surface computer or in the Rpi, you can use this simple pymalink example:

# Float division
from __future__ import division
# Import mavutil
from pymavlink import mavutil
# Create the connection
# From topside computer
master = mavutil.mavlink_connection('udp:')
def update():
    # Get all messages
    msgs = []
    while True:
        msg = master.recv_match()
        if msg == None:
    # Create dict
    data = {}
    for msg in msgs:
        data[msg.get_type()] = msg.to_dict()
    # Return dict
    return data
while True:
    data = update()
    if 'RAW_IMU' in data:
        print('IMU [x,y,z] [mg]: ',data['RAW_IMU']['xacc'], data['RAW_IMU']['yacc'], data['RAW_IMU']['zacc'])
    if 'ATTITUDE' in data:
        print('ATTITUDE [r,p,y] [rad]: ', data['ATTITUDE']['roll'], data['ATTITUDE']['pitch'], data['ATTITUDE']['yaw'])

To allow your program to run parallel with QGC you will need to create a second output in mavproxy, like this: --out udp: --out udp:

(Julian Hancock) #28

Thank you Sir.


(Vatsal Shah) #29

Thanks a lot, Patrick. @patrickelectric. It really helped us a lot.

(Vatsal Shah) #30

How do I close ongoing mavproxy screen using python script?

(Jacob) #31

Like this.