Zubax Myxa ESC for T500 Thruster

I would like to introduce the Zubax Myxa ESC. It is a high-end FOC ESC that is designed for use in propulsion systems of light unmanned aerial (UAV), underwater, and surface vehicles. We’ve already tested and tuned the controller for the Blue Robotics T500 Thruster. The configuration parameters can be found here. Check out the product page here.


Hi @zen_zubax, welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

It’s always cool to find out about new components that work with and enable our products. Thanks for sharing! :smiley:

By the looks of things, the Myxa is more expensive and requires a higher minimum voltage (12V instead of 7V) than our Basic ESC 500, but it provides additional interface options (including CAN bus and UART) and may be able to run the thruster more efficiently.

Hi Zen,

I am very very interested in this as I have a ROV with 10 T500 and would like to run it over CANBUS. Is there a ROS1 to support this device?

Do you have any performance curves for the force with the T500?

When will stock be available?

Hi Zen and others,

We are looking for esc capable of input voltage of over 300Vdc.
This because most rov tether based systems need 300vdc or even 600vdc, do you know or have any suggestions for this?
And ofcourse you could use an DC/DC converter but meeting those power figures will be difficult and big.

The ESC does not change the voltage level from input to output. Therefore, you can not use a 300V supply directly despite the fact that you are able to find an ESC that is compatible with the voltage. The main problem arises in the motor (thruster) itself. The coating on the windings of the motors does not have enough thickness to isolate for 300V. Therefore, with the T500, you can not use more than the rated voltage level and have a reliable system.

My team is currently developing a package to do this. I’ll come back and post about it when we have completed it. When complete all you should have to do is replace our ROS2 node file, which uses rclcpp, with a file that utilizes ROS1 compatible libraries.

Hi Again, for the people interested i found a nice solution for this, its called a Vicor ‘power brick’ like this one: 260-410v 1/8 power brick