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Yellow Submarine

Hello All,
Starting to work on a deep dive ROV. I checked around for HydroStatic test prices. The businesses that test Fire extinguishers will not test custom made ROV parts. I checked with several SubSea companies in the area and they are very expensive.

So I decided to make my own Hydrostatic tester. I am custom making may parts in additional purchasing Blue Robotics parts. I need to test my own parts.

Enclosed is a pic. I am experimenting with different gasket materials. I blow a gasket at 600 PSI.

I call her Yellow Submarine



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Cool. I’ve got one that presses down to 2000psi which has an o-ring instead of a gasket.

Yes, I purchased 1/2" flat steel plate in 12" x 12". Not enough space for o-ring. In the future I will look at an o-ring modification.


The problem with a gaskets is point loading on the exposed inner face, a way to mitigate this is to have an inner lip protruding below the seal face as snug as poss to the inner pressure vessel wall, this you can add an O ring recess to and double the sealing area whilst protecting the gasket…

Thanks riccibob, I was thinking of putting the lid in my lathe and tuning a recess and leave a lip to hold part of the gasket in place. But I also like your idea of putting a lip down inside of the pressure vessel as well. I could easily weld that lip to the top plate.

Thanks for the tip.