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Which penetrator for ping cable?

Which penetrator do you recommend for the ping cable? I have a spare “M10 thread, for 3-4mm cable” (black) which looks like it’ll work, though the ping cable is listed as 4.5mm. Would the “M10 thread, for 4-5mm cable” (red) work better?


Hi Clyde,

If you have bought or are considering buying a Ping1D or Ping360 sonar they come with a suitable M10 penetrator pre-installed on the cable :slight_smile:

If you’re using the ping cable for some other purpose and just want an appropriate penetrator you should use the M10 thread for 4-5mm cable penetrator, as the 3-4mm one will have a too-small shoulder for the 4.5mm cable jacket to fit into, which means it may not sit or seal properly, so is more likely to have issues with leaking, or excess cable motion causing breakage.

For reference on penetrator terminology, the shoulder is the part between the head and the throat, which the cable jacket (the black protective sheath around the wires) sits in and butts up against, as below:

Great! Thanks for the info & fast response.

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