Wetlink minimum wall thickness

Hello! I was wondering if there is a minimum thickness of the wall when using a wetlink penetrator. I tried looking on the product page but couldn’t find any info on this. Where I want to install one of these penetrators, the thickness of the wall is only 1,5 mm.

Hi @Severholt,

I’m not sure which wall of the penetrator you’re referring to, and I’m also not sure how the thickness of an individual wall on the wet side is relevant. The penetrator assembly is in compression when in the water, and does not have chambers/bubbles of highly compressible material (e.g. air, uncompressed foam, etc) that would cause parts of it to take on significant bending or shear stresses.

Could you explain a bit more what you’re concerned about, and clarify (preferably on a diagram or image of the penetrator) what you’re considering to be at risk? :slight_smile: