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When we give full thrust to our t100s, they cannot stop even if we stop it on the joystick. When we do it on only pixhawk, they work; however when we try it with raspberry pi 3 and pixhawk, we get a communication problem in QGC. So we can not get as much power as we want and because of ArduSub, they system shuts down due to RCSignal response.

It is very urgent, so if you can answer it asap, it would be very great.

Thank you,

Can you let us know about the build of your vehicle? We need to know how it is put together and what parts you are using. It sounds like a problem with a weak power supply. Make sure it is rated to provide enough current, the t100 can draw 20 amps.

Review the failsafes and the safety setup tab in qgc to make sure it is configured the way that you want.

We use a rpi 3, pixhawk, 6 ESCs, and T100s with configuration: 2 (90 degrees), 4(45 degrees), a 25m tether and a 220V-12V regulator.

Is your 12VDC-5VDC DC-DC power supply adequately sized for the rpi/pixhawk/camera?

I dont know

and it is not 12-5, it is 220-12V

It looks like a power supply issue. The Raspberry is quite sensitive to input voltage. And even though you have a 220-12V converter, there is still another one to lower it to 5V for the Raspberry.
If too many devices use this 5V source, it’s voltage can drop too much for the Raspberry. If something bad happens on the 12V it can also show in the 5V side.
Go to and check if it says “Under-voltage has ocurred”.

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