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Vertigo3 fast-ROV project

Hi builders! Just a quick post to showcase a new project that’s doing well in field trials.
Its a VR-equipped, towed ‘glider’, with 3-axis controls for fight path execution. We’re pushing the boundaries a little bit with a Ping used as an altimeter, as close as 50cm to the seabed at speeds of 7kts. The glider moves rapidly with 5 degrees of freedom behind the towing vessel, and transmits data and a 5MP 20fps video stream live to the surface, where machine learning models identify and map seabed targets in real-time (at the moment, starfish and seagrasses).
I’ll be posting the occasional video here… Vertigo3 channel

Best wishes with your projects.


Hi @brett! This is awesome, thanks for sharing! It’s definitely a speedy little glider! I’m looking forward to seeing more videos!