Using Ping1D at an angle

Hi there,

I have been using the ping1D for a little while now and have found when its not pointed straight down to the ground the measurements are often inaccurate. For instance if I have the ping pointed 20 degrees off the downward vertical I get inaccurate readings. I wondered if anyone else has come across this problem? and if anyone has found a way to take accurate measurements while the ping is pointed at an angle?

Thank you
Ben 2

Hi @ben2,

A sonar is an active sensor, so it’s reliant on the pulse that it transmits getting back to it in order to estimate distances.

You can think of it like trying to take a photo of a camera in a mirror. If the camera is at an angle to the mirror that’s larger than its field of view then it won’t be able to see itself at all (get a sonar reflection) unless the ‘mirror’ is very bumpy.

In this case, the Ping Sonar has a beam width of ~30 degrees, and you’re tilting it at 20 degrees, so the closest ‘edge’ of the beam is still 5 degrees off vertical away from the sonar.

Is there a particular reason you’re trying/wanting to use the sonar at an angle?