Using Fuses with T200 thrusters

We are assembling a surface vehicle using two T200 thrusters. We have a setup where we are using fuses (20A) on a power distribution board to connect the ESCs. We are using a 13.5V battery and while testing we are occasionally blowing fuses.

I was wondering if it is recommended to use fuses with the T200 thrusters? I would be glad to know if there are any additional comments as well.

I am also using a fuse for the T200 and T500 ESC for testing purposes. Select fuse size depending on your expecting current draw, or just insert a large fuse on the battery side to protect the ESC. The ESC for the T200 is 30A depending on the cooling. So, a 30A fuse MAY protect the ESC. If your current 20A fuse goes off then you know that you are using 2/3 of the ESC capacity. Insert a 25A or even a 30A fuse, but also consider the cooling as mentioned. At least the 30A will protect against sudden over current draw. But not necessarily against consisting current draw in the upper limit due to heat.

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Thanks a lot for your response! I will try it out with a 30A fuse. We will also look into adding a heatsink or other form of cooling.