using Blue Robotics Navigator to control the quadcopter

Hi all. Has anyone had practical experience using the Navigator to control a quadcopter? Do I understand correctly that this navigator paired with RPI4 replaces pixhawk? Where can I find a more detailed diagram of connecting ESC, Telemetry and other things to this Navigator?

Hi, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

We used a Navigator on a copter as part of the launch video, so it has definitely at least been done. That said, since we predominantly work in marine robotics that kind of configuration hasn’t been tested as extensively as its use in our ROVs and boats.

That is correct - Navigator + RPi4 is equivalent to an alternative flight controller board connected to an onboard computer. Note that we recommend running BlueOS on the onboard computer, because otherwise you’ll need to set up the Navigator firmware runner and MAVLink redirection manually.

Our Navigator Hardware Setup Guide is likely the best starting point for hardware connection and configuration details :slight_smile: