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Using a potentiometer inside the switch

Hi guys,

is it possible to replace the switch with a potentiomètre inside this: https://www.bluerobotics.com/store/comm-control-power/switch/switch-10-5a-r1/

Also, will the switch operate at depth.


Hi Etienne,

The switch body is not design to accommodate a potentiometer, the way it has to go together makes it not possible to install one. It may be possible to do so by modifying it and removing/adding some features, making a dedicated potentiometer version is on our long term list.

Can you clarify your second question? The plug screws in and out with an o-ring to seal to depress the switch, it may be very difficult to screw in and out under pressure though, it was not designed for this.


Hi Adam,

You’ve answered all my questions.

I also suspected that the pressure would prevent turning the switch under water

Thank you.