Upload Nan MBPS

Hi everyone!

We tested our ROV system last day. But when we checked the network upload bandwidth values there is an NaN MBPS error. But download values are normal.


How can we solve it?


Hi @ugurdemirezen,

I’m not sure what’s happened here, although at a guess it’s possible some error was returned by the network tester while doing the upload test, which then (correctly) did not register as a numerical value for the upload results.

Is this issue happening consistently/regularly, or just this one time?
If it only happened once and there aren’t logs available for what happened then we can’t really do anything to help. If you’re able to reproduce the issue we may be able to help you to find the cause of it, but the Companion software is no longer being developed, so if the problem turns out to be a software bug or something then we still won’t be able to fix it, just maybe suggest a workaround if we can think of one (assuming you’re not able to switch to BlueOS).