Underwater tunnel scanning

Hi, we have been asked to perform a scanning of an underwater hydro power tunnel.
The goal is to create a 3D map of this.
Any ideas how to do this?

Would it be possible to use sonar on the BR2 as data collector?
What positioning system is preferred?
Hopefully someone with experience can guide me here.

Hi @pob747,

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Thanks for the quick reply.
I will go through this and see what we can use.

I’m the OEM Technical Sales Manager for Teledyne and the Blueview products. Please let me know if I can help you with any information on 3D imaging in tunnels. Pete.craigmile@teledyne.com

Hi Jan,

I am Uğur from Searover. I hope everything is going well.

As a Searover we have a specially designed ROV System including navigation, positioning, mapping, Operating Console, Joystick, and a Special ROV with sonar for inspecting underwater hydropower tunnels.

We would be happy to cooperate and assist you.

Best regards

Please send me email at jr@aersea.com