Underwater JETPACK Face-Seal O-Ring Question

I am building an ‘underwater jetpack’ using the t200 thrusters. My enclosure will have a door for accessing the interior electronics, and I’m wondering if my clamping method will be enough to compress the o ring and create a good seal.

You can see the door and clamp positions in the picture below. The clamps will create a downward force on the door, pressing the door onto the top of the O-ring groove and compressing the O-ring. The doorway is also shown with the door removed, exposing the O-ring groove.

The groove and O-ring have been designed based on Parker specs, but I don’t know if the downward force will compress evenly. The clamps can generate 400 lb-f each though, so they’re definitely strong enough! I just don’t know about the spacing.

Any insight would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

Since it appears that you are using a “Face Seal”, Parker recommends that you have surface to surface mating of your two sections that the O-ring is in-between. I don’t think you are going experience pressures that you need to worry about not having a surface mate for 1500+ psi.