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O Ring dimension for watertight enclosure


(Muchammad Sobrun Ibnu Atfal) #1

Hi guys… first of all, I am sorry for my English.

Somebody can guide me how to make an O Ring flange. For example, I have an acrylic tube with inner diameter of 94 mm. what is the good size of O Ring that I must buy? and how about the dimension of O Ring flange must be?

Thank you for your attention. :slight_smile:

(Harold Scadden) #2

Go get this document. It is the Parker O-Ring handbook. I have made many high pressure seals using the guidelines in the document. There are critical dimensions defined for “Flange” style seals etc.

Overall the handbook is a very good read into the world of static and dynamic seals.


(Muchammad Sobrun Ibnu Atfal) #3

Hi Harold, thank’s for your information. :slight_smile: