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Topside enclosure for Fathom-X and slim tether - DIY 3D print

Hi all,

Since we have 100 m slim tether and Fathom-X for spare, in addition to our 300 m “normal” tether with Fathom and slip ring I’ve decided to make a housing and use the 100 m slim tether as a lighter and backup option for the ROV.

The housing is designed to 3D print, consists of 3 parts, main housing part (where you mount a Fathom-X, has holes for USB, RJ45 and slim tether), flat cover and a small piece to fix the tether inside of housing (when you pull the fathom slim tether you won’t pull on the Fathom-X, you will pull on the plastic housing). You can use glue instead of the small fixing piece.

First of all, holes are <1.00 mm in diammeter, just so it is easier to lead the drill vertically, you must bore it to appropriate size (for the screws you have).

Assembly - animation:

Kuciste fathom v8

Assembly - text:
First you mount the Fathom-X on the inside of the housing with 4 screws.
Next, you strip the slim cable tether on appropriate length, lead it in trough the hole (hole in design is 4.40 mm so it should pass easily) on the side and mount two wires in the appropriate place in on Fathom (put a bit of solder on the wire ends before tightening on the Fathom).
Then, fix the tether inside of housing either with some sort of glue or with provided small bracket (you need to use really small screws and be careful cause it could brake due to small size). I went with the glue, cyanoacrylate on tether and plastic.
After that, only thing left is to mount the top cover with 4 screws.

Everything is 3D printable. I recommend printing in ABS or PETG, but PLA should also do it… 100 infill is what I like and did print, so I can recommend it.

3D printing files are:

Main housing part.stl (481.4 KB) Small bracket.stl (182.0 KB) Top cover.stl (84.7 KB)

Feel free to print it if you need it,

Best regards

Nice setup :slight_smile:

100% infill seems like overkill, especially given the thickness of the walls, and may cause issues with the fathom-X overheating, and if printed in PLA could cause a few melts. Have you had any issues with it so far, or smooth sailing up to now? :slight_smile: