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Time to reach max speed

I saw BlueROV2 on your website. I see the maximum velocity of BlueROV2 is 1.5m / s (3knot). How long does it take for the ROV to accelerate to the maximum speed? Can you help me!!

Maybe like 2-3 seconds. We don’t have any hard numbers. Just curious, why is the acceleration value important?

I need to buy ROV for research purpose, my requirement is that the acceleration time for ROV must be fast. So I need its acceleration time.
I find BlueROV2 very suitable for us. I need to know some more information before ordering. So how long does it take for it to rotate 90 degrees? Can you tell me the details please?

So how long does it take for it to rotate 90 degrees?

We don’t have any values for that either, maybe like 2 seconds?

All the values that we have recorded are on the product page, under the Technical Details section. If its not in that table, we don’t have a rating or a value for that parameter. BlueROV2 Product page

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our physical office is shut down and we don’t have access to the ROVs we use for testing.