Tight work with USR1

Put USR1 into tough conditions yesterday. That is one rugged bugger. Down for 45 minutes getting all banged up, but still running good.




Any idea what the source is for all the suspended solids we see in the video? The fish and critters seem to be handling it pretty well.

Conditions didn’t seem to much different from what I run into in harbors: crappy visibility, lots of silt, and enough current and/or surge to keep maneuvering interesting.

Nice job! :slight_smile:

The source is 8 million plus lawns draining fertilizer into the river starting at the headwaters in central Florida. We have a horrible green algae problem that extends 20 miles out into the ocean. The water I was shooting in is very green, I just edited it to put in some brown color. Like everywhere else, us humans in Florida our leaving our trash everywhere for future generations!