Theorys in building a IR Underwater Camera

Good day folks,

Hope everyone is well. I recently just got in to open source ROV, love the fact that it focuses on making rov instrumentation affordable for everyone.

I am looking for sources on how to configure/build an IR Underwater Camera.

I know some cctv camera have the capability to see at night using small IR Leds, and comes out black and white remarkbly clear.

So i am wondering, if this same technology is used for underwater? will it work under murky waters? is the shade same when visible light is used vs than IR light?

Any information related to topic I would greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:


Hi Chris!
Bad news I’m afraid. Much like wireless RF signals, infrared light doesn’t penetrate water very well! This prevents us from using cool stereo-cameras that project grids of IR light, because the light just doesn’t go anywhere!
Oh well…

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