Temperature reads -1.0 Celsius

Temperature reads -1.0 Celsius. Never changes. Using Pixhawk.

Do you monitor battery temperature or vehicle temperature? Battery temp is not connected. I use vehicle temp1 and temp2


Which temperature reading are you looking at?
Temperature (1) is the temperature of the Pixhawk circuit board
Temperature (2) is the tempearture of the Bar30 pressure sensor (if connected)
Temperature (3) is the temperature of the Celsius temperature sensor (if connected)

Thanks for the response. I am not sure what you mean for Temp 1, 2, & 3. Where do I find these values? How do I display them individually on the QGround Control display?
(I want to see the water temperature at depth in degrees Fahrenheit. Like most Americans, I have no clue what a degree Celsius is.)

The Bar30 pressure measurement appears to work in the pool when I use the “Depth Hold” function. The ROV maintains it’s depth. I seem to recall I got the depth display on the QGround Control to display in feet. But…I still do not see the correct temperature. All I see is -1.0 Celsius.

I downloaded the Arduino Library(Why do we need the Arduino library ms5837 if we are using raspberry pi and Pixhawk?).

Did you mean that Temp(2) is actually the " water Pressure" value in mbars? and Temp(3) is actually the “water Temperature” in degrees Celsius? How do I invoke Temp(3)?



Where are you seeing -1.0 C? Can you take a picture?

You don’t need the arduino library.
The temperature values I listed are correct.
You can see these values by selecting them after clicking the small gear under the compass/horizon.
You can change to imperial units from the General Settings tab of the Application Settings page (‘Q’ icon).

Took the sub for a spin yesterday and I did a screen grab after selecting all three temperature values. The first temp value never changes from -1.00. The third value has no value. The other two temp values, no clue.
In addition, the altitude stays at 0 ft relative. (relative to what?)
Not sure there is a question here.


The one that says ‘Temperature’, -1.00 C is the battery temperature, note how you have selected ‘Temperature’ under the ‘Vehicle.battery’ section. This is not implemented.

The other three temperature readings are as I described in the above post.

The altitude is relative to the surface of the water.

I have updated the descriptions of these telemetry values to be more descriptive/clear.