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Tank-Mounted DPV?

(James) #1

Considering these for a DIY tank-mounted DPV. Would 1 T200 be sufficient? Or would 2 be needed? Looking to be used for beach diving to help get out past the surf zone and to speed up swim time to the reef and back.

(Rusty) #2

Hi James,

I would probably recommend two T200s. Most DPVs have 20-60 lb of thrust. Scuba divers have a lot of drag so you need a lot of thrust to move!


(James) #3

Another question… If I am running 2 T200’s together, would I need a speed controller for each? Or could I run one controller for both?

(Rusty) #4


You need an ESC for each thruster. You’ll also need something to send a signal to the ESCs like a servo tester, Arduino, etc.