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Take a guess what this is about

(Niko Nappu) #1

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(Christian) #2

…sand ;)… crated by trusterpower… i have video somwhere i make cool vortexes :wink:

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(Niko Nappu) #3

Good guess Christian…but no.

5 point clue. This is not sand but there might be silica involved.

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(Bo Koppel) #4

Spring algae bloom under ice?

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(Niko Nappu) #5

Bo, you got it. A small humic forest lake with some alga photosynthesizising under 60 cm of ice. Not sure if the alga was a diatom (silica based) or some dinoflagellate. It was great, like northern lights.

[Edit] the stuff could also be some species of chrysophyte ( Chrysophyceae).[/EDIT]

Thats me controlling the ROV with a shade.


(Christian) #6

aa ok…cool :wink: …like you shade :wink: (can see the crowd watching, “what is he doooing?;D”