T200 thrusters supplier in India?

Are there any official dealers of Blue robotics products in India? Also if we order 30 Pairs of T200 thrusters at a time then will you guys be able to ship it within 15 days of the time period? Please respond to this immediately as we are about, to begin with, our product line and want to include your thrusters.

can you solve this query?

Hi @nitesh,

You can see our list of distributors on our website here. We do have a distributor in India. According to the T200 product page the thrusters are currently in stock, which means they will ship the same or next business day depending on the time of your order. Shipping takes 3-5 days via DHL express. You are welcome to order either from your local distributor or us directly.

For future reference, our sales email sales@bluerobotics.com is a more appropriate venue for these types of personally relevant questions. If you have any further questions I suggest you follow up there.


@adam I did sent them the mail yesterday but till now I have not received any response and that’s the reason why i needed to post it here. Also can you tell me an expected life time of the T200 motors if we use them in our product and the product has to run in both clean and dirty water

I just checked and we have not received any emails from you in our sales inbox. Would your name be part of the email address? Did you receive any notification that the message was undeliverable or blocked? Please try sending the message to sales again, and to support@bluerobotics.com as well. It possible it may have been blocked somewhere along the line.

The life time of the T200 is highly variable depending on the conditions (sediment, ferrous particles, water type) and how it is run (voltage, throttle, duty cycle, etc.) as well as the frequency of maintenance/cleaning. There are more details in this post: