T200 thruster, anti clock wise or clockwise

I’m buying replacement Thrusters for my blue rov2 from a German distributer,they are asking me if I want clockwise or anti clock, I don’t understand, is it the propeller they are talking about??. My understanding is you can change direction by the wiring.1 thruster is more expensive than the other.


Hi @Goosechick, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Yes, they will be asking about the propeller. The BlueROV2 Thruster Spare option on our website also requires selecting the propeller direction.

You can change the direction a thruster spins by swapping any two of the wires, or with the “Reverse Motor Direction” checkboxes on QGroundControl’s Motors Setup page (which can also be detected and set automatically), but that functionality is used to get the motor spinning the correct direction for its position in the frame and with the corresponding propeller.

For an individual thruster the propeller direction isn’t particularly important, but it matters relative to the others in the frame :slight_smile:

That seems a bit odd, given we charge the same for either orientation, but perhaps they have some remaining stock of an earlier version in one orientation or something. If the price difference is significant then it’s likely worth asking them whether the propeller direction is the only difference in the products.