T200 shaft collar set screw

Hi everyone!

The axis of one of the T200 propellers in my Bluerov seemed uncentered, so I unmounted it and realized that the shaft collar set screw was broken! The rest of the parts are perfectly fine, so I would like to buy a new screw… but since it is broken and lost I don’t know its metrics! Could you please tell them to me? I couldn’t find this information anywere.

Thanks :blush:

  • Olaya

Hi Olaya,

That’s an interesting issue! The set screw is stainless steel, M3x0.5 thread, and 3mm length. We’d be happy to send you one if you email us at support@bluerobotics.com.


Hi Rusty, thanks for your offer! However, it is such a long trip for the screw :laughing:
I just needed the measurements, I bought it myself.

Thanks! :blush:

  • Olaya