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T200 shaft collar set screw

(Olaya) #1

Hi everyone!

The axis of one of the T200 propellers in my Bluerov seemed uncentered, so I unmounted it and realized that the shaft collar set screw was broken! The rest of the parts are perfectly fine, so I would like to buy a new screw… but since it is broken and lost I don’t know its metrics! Could you please tell them to me? I couldn’t find this information anywere.

Thanks :blush:

  • Olaya

(Rusty) #2

Hi Olaya,

That’s an interesting issue! The set screw is stainless steel, M3x0.5 thread, and 3mm length. We’d be happy to send you one if you email us at support@bluerobotics.com.


(Olaya) #3

Hi Rusty, thanks for your offer! However, it is such a long trip for the screw :laughing:
I just needed the measurements, I bought it myself.

Thanks! :blush:

  • Olaya