T200 position control or alternatives


For a project we need two rotational actuators which position (angle) can be controlled, that can be operated at around 50m depth and that are relatively small (I know I am asking a lot here :sweat_smile:)

Is there any way to control the position of the T200 motor like a servo. I know these are BLDC motors and that it is unlikely this type of operation, put is it posible using the ESCs?

We have tried the BlueTrail ones, however they are too big for our application.

Any suggestions here?

Have a nice day!

Hi @Alex_UJI1 -
By the “BlueTrail ones” do you mean their underwater servo? This is likely your best option…

The M200/T200 have a low KV for brushless motor, but it is still much higher than a gimbal brushless motor KV value. A KV value less than 100 is typical for brushless gimbals, so unfortunately it is not possible to use the M200/T200 in this way. You could consider creating a gear-train for the M200 to reduce rotation rate, but positioning this would require additional sensors, and the overall assembly is likely to be far larger than the servo option.