Succorfish Nanomodems

The nanomodems sound like just what I need for my project. Is there any literature available for these modem? I suppose if I purchase some they will provide some information?

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There is less literature available than I would like, but it is not a big issue.

They provide a User guide and have made code available on GitHub.

In addition they are very helpful if you have questions.

You can buy the modems from Succorfish, but most of my dialogue has been with the small team developing the modems (Jeff and Ben).

I have linked a couple of presentations that are related to the modems:

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Hi, can you share how much you paid for those six nanomodems?

Hi Matt,
I believe they were around £500 per unit from Succorfish Limited for commercial usage, and lower for research/non-commercial.

What is really nice with the units is that you can do an initial test of the communication in air (e.g. in an office).

I also want to purchase a few of This acoustic communication module, but sucorfish sales has not replied, do you have this module specific instructions, and how about the actual water communication effect, are the acoustic communication modules still in use, can you resell to me? my email

Hi yu,

I would try to contact (again?) if you haven’t done so already.

Product page: where you will also find a PDF with more technical information:

You can also find more technical information about the software from the github link I posted earlier in this thread.

Sadly I don’t have any modems that I can sell you.

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Thanks a lot for your reply, I have contacted succorfish by email several times ,but they have not replied. how about your actual results with the succorfish acoustic communication module? their acoustic communication module sounds like really suitable for my small AUV, I really would like to purchase a few for testing

Can you help to purchase a few,and I pay with you :smile:

Hi yu,

Sadly I will not be able to purchase more modems and resell them but I’ll see if I can get them to contact you.

I have little experience with the modems myself since I lent 5 of them out to a local company last year since they were further along with their testing and I’m now awaiting the return of the modems.

Their experience is good, although they had some challenges with noise from the thrusters affecting the communication stability. They use larger thrusters than the typical T200 thrusters we use with Blue Robotics parts.

Thanks for your help ,and I am looking forward to succorfish’s reply!

hi,Kjetil Eik,Succorfish provide a Nanomodem V3 (NM3) acoustic modems User guide ,could you give me a copy,i want to learn more about the miniture acoustic modems,thanks a lot

Here you have the user guide for the Nanomodems. Note that SuccorFish most likely have a newer version of the user guide available on request.

I also attached a presentation from Newcastle University related to Nanomodem and examples of use cases.

Nanomodem v3 user guide.pdf (618.2 KB)
UDRC 25-03-2021.pdf (3.8 MB)

thanks a lot for your replay,The nanomodems is just what I need for my DIY auv.
I’ve been waiting for a reply from the SuccorFish sales for a long time, and I hope that bluerobotics website can also sell this acoustic module later.
if you take back the modules that are rented out, can you resell or rent me 2 piece for me

We will need the modems for our own prototyping/test vehicles.

I got a reply from SuccorFish indicating that they would look into it.

Sadly there is not so much more I can help you with.

thanks a lot for your replay