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Strobing a lumen light

I would like to strobe the Lumen for some still frame imagery, ideally at a higher current. I have attempted to send a short duration PWM to the onboard controller, but it seems like it may be debouncing the signal.

Is it possible to achieve this with the onboard controller (possible with reprogramming)?

Or would this be as simple as jumping the PWM (in my case just a short high signal/100% duty cycle) directly to the A6211?

Thanks for the help.

Would any of this info help?


Thanks for that link.
I understand the principle behind what I am wanting to do, I just do not have a schematic for the Lumen R2. So I am not quite sure on how this needs to be implemented using the A6211 internal driver.

I can buy a 100watt 9000 lumen 50mm led plus the 34vdc driver for it off ebay for $11 or so. Then pot it in epoxy or put it in an aluminum pipe end-cap with an 1/2" thick acrylic front.

Why would you want a $100 led unit you can’t easily modify for your purpose? If you already have one just use it for general lighting. Not being mean just trying to help.

A pre-made light that is already terminated, thermally protected and rated to ~1000m is worth more than the time it would take me to make one on my own. I did not state it in the original post, but this is to be paired with some machine vision cameras on an underwater vehicle for the still imagery.
I am mostly pursuing this control-ability for energy budget considerations, rather than running them as a constant flood.

Ok. I have alot more time on my hands than i have money, so i tend to build what i need rather than buy it. Trucks, computers, woodstoves, shop/house, backhoe, cnc table, etc. But i understand your point.

I agree with you completely for home projects, where I figure my hourly rate is $0. I generally prefer DIY over store bought.
However this is for a work project.

Ryan, you could reprogram the onboard AT-Tiny 45-20 so that it treats the yellow wire as a serial input, then you could set it up so that when you send it certain characters, it switches the LED on full (100%) for a short period of time then off again - you could vary the period by adding a delay between turning it on and off (probably need to experiment). Google “programming the AT Tiny using an Arduino” - it’s (relatively) easy - you just need to open the Lumen to get access to the 6 programming pins. I did it to convert the Lumen to serial control - the Arduino sketch is in the Lumen section of the forum.