Led driver micro controller a6211

I want to make myself a ROV Lumen Light
IC6211 is not available in my Laboratory
There is another way with other ICs Like L298N

Hi @saeidjson,

The A6211 is a very specific chip intended for driving LEDs. There are many other ways that an LED can be driven but most large LEDs, like the Cree MK-R ones used in the Lumen, are best operated by a constant current driver like the A6211.

The L298N is a brushed motor driver. It may be possible to use with the LED but I’m not sure.


Thank you
Another IC like A6211?
I want to see if I can test it with another IC

@saeidjson - There are many different types of LED driver ICs. I’m not familiar with any that have the same pinout and function as the A6211.


Please send the A6211 IC’s link or photo to me .
Only the A6211 IC please

Hi @saeidjson - you can find a lot of info about it with a Google search. Here’s the main page: http://www.allegromicro.com/en/Products/Regulators-And-Lighting/LED-Drivers-For-Lighting/A6211.aspx