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Led driver micro controller a6211

(json) #1

I want to make myself a ROV Lumen Light
IC6211 is not available in my Laboratory
There is another way with other ICs Like L298N

(Rusty) #2

Hi @saeidjson,

The A6211 is a very specific chip intended for driving LEDs. There are many other ways that an LED can be driven but most large LEDs, like the Cree MK-R ones used in the Lumen, are best operated by a constant current driver like the A6211.

The L298N is a brushed motor driver. It may be possible to use with the LED but I’m not sure.


(json) #3

Thank you
Another IC like A6211?
I want to see if I can test it with another IC

(Rusty) #4

@saeidjson - There are many different types of LED driver ICs. I’m not familiar with any that have the same pinout and function as the A6211.


(json) #5

Please send the A6211 IC’s link or photo to me .
Only the A6211 IC please

(Rusty) #6

Hi @saeidjson - you can find a lot of info about it with a Google search. Here’s the main page: http://www.allegromicro.com/en/Products/Regulators-And-Lighting/LED-Drivers-For-Lighting/A6211.aspx